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The Australian Broadcasting Coporation has over one billion dollars annual budget, mostly from Australian tax payers. 

Most ABC news and production services are in Sydney which is good for the Sydney job market and propaganda.  The ABC is continually abandoning production in places beyond Sydney and Melbourne.  This is quite evident when listening to ABC radio or TV which features a majority of news reports and current affairs stories about the Eastern states.  ABC's 24 hour news is an example where you'll hear petty news stories about happenings in Sydney but not for example Perth or Hobart.

The ABC is controlled by rich, powerful eastern states business people and politicians who use the tax payer funded, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, to smear defenders of Western Australian rights.

Gina Rinehart wants to buy control of Fairfax away from current contol by eastern stateters who have been running a smear campaign against Gina Rinehart, using the tax payers funded ABC.

Make no mistake; Gina's battle for media control is a battle with the rich and powerful of the eastern states. It is a social engineering battle for the hearts and minds of Australians.

Whether or not a Western Australian is a fit and proper person to hold a broadcasting licence is decided by the Federal minister of Communications, whom you might guess is an eatern stater.

If the premier of Western Australia declared independence, Western Australia would be in a better position to make decisions about Western Australia.  We could broadcast and netcast what we want in our air space and choose not to broadcast smear funded by the wealth coming out of Western Australia.  It's bad enough Sydney using gold from the Western Australian Goldfields to build the much promoted international tourist attraction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Even worse is the ABC promoting it to the exclusion of other travel destinations.  How would New South Welshmen feel if wealth from Broken Hill was used to build a Sydney Harbour Bridge type icon in Perth and then for decades use the Australian Broad Casting Corporation (and other agencies such as the diplomatic corp) to promote it?

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